Prevention is better than a cure – professional teeth cleaning in Munich at the dental practice at Reichenbachplatz

Why professional teeth cleaning is so important

Despite good dental hygiene, it’s impossible to reach every single corner of the mouth, especially the spaces in between the teeth, to clear them of food remains and adherent bacteria (plaque).

The consequences:

  • Greater risk of tooth decay
  • Gum inflammation including bleeding, redness and swelling of the gums
  • Periodontal disease (gum and bone recession)
  • Unsightly, discoloured deposits formed through smoking or colour additives in food
  • Greater risk of premature loss of dental implants

If you want to avoid the risk of these complications, a regular professional teeth cleaning is a must.

This depends on the individual case. With lower risk cases where good dental hygiene is being practiced, once every 6 months is enough. In particular situations an increased frequency may be recommended. This is the case for example in patients with chronic periodontitis or dental implants. We would be glad to advise you on your individual situation, and recommend an appropriate schedule of cleaning.

Professional teeth cleaning at the practice is carried out exclusively by specially trained staff. All clinically visible or reachable hidden deposits are gently removed, whether soft or mineralized, from above the gum line (tartar) and below it (plaque), using specialized instruments and ultrasonic devices. We are delighted to offer the latest in ultrasonic technology – PIEZON® NO PAIN – which allows us to remove all present hard and soft deposits efficiently and completely painlessly. The whole process is carried out using water whose temperature can be regulated to your individual wishes, helping to maintain your comfort throughout.

At the end of the cleaning, we use a special powder-spray device, which:

  • Effectively removes strong discolouration caused by nicotine, coffee or red wine
  • Can reach discolouration even in the smallest gaps and corners
  • Cleans the edges of crowns and bridges
  • Cleans implants highly efficiently and with minimal invasion (no scratching or damage to the surfaces of the implant)
  • Effectively cleans orthodontic brackets

We utilize the highly approved AIRFLOW ® PLUS powder, which allows a gentle, safe yet highly effective removal of discolouration and plaque. This minimizes the need for manual instruments as well as simultaneously smoothing the tooth surfaces. At the same time the process is comfortable and safe for the surrounding soft tissue (gums, tongue, palate).

Your natural teeth colour can be entirely recovered in this process.

The tooth surfaces are then highly polished once more, which reduces the chance of a future reappearance of plaque and discolouration. The application of a fluoride gel to the teeth protects them from the aggressive acidity of oral bacteria, hardens the enamel and – if relevant – soothes sensitive tooth necks. The gel we use has a much higher concentration than that of normal toothpaste, and is therefore much more effective when used.

The length of the process depends on the individual dental condition of the patient. In normal cases you should plan on around one hour.

Thanks to modern, innovative instruments and devices, a professional teeth cleaning at our practice is very gentle and painless. An anaesthetic is therefore not normally required.

Because even the most thorough dental hygiene at home is useless against hardened deposits, professional teeth cleaning is an indispensible addition to your normal dental cleaning practices, as well as being scientifically proven as a basis for the prevention of decay and periodontitis. In so doing you can significantly increase the lifespan of your natural teeth as well as secure the long-term preservation of implants. The durability of high-value dentures or veneers also benefit from a regular professional tooth cleaning.

The cost of the procedure varies according to amount of work and time taken. Private health insurance companies cover the cost of a professional cleaning. Depending on the individual fund, statutory health insurance is now also partaking in the cost of a cleaning. If you have statutory insurance, and have taken out an additional dental health policy, the complete reimbursement of costs for a cleaning will depend on the specific tariff you have selected.



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