Fully ceramic tooth replacements – crowns and bridges at the dental practice at Reichenbachplatz

The main goal of dental treatment is the preservation of healthy, natural tooth substance. If this aim is only partially possible, and dental composite repair has become unreasonable, then it’s time to replace the missing tooth substance using a partial or full dental crown. Crowns function rather like a protective helmet for the underlying tooth. They restore the form, function and appearance of the original tooth. A crown can also be used as the basis for a bridge in order to close a gap, as an alternative to an implant. Fully ceramic material is used for its particular quality and high aesthetic standard.

Fully ceramic tooth replacements are produced to look so natural that they truly are an exact copy of the original, healthy tooth, with an outstanding transparency. This feature is especially important when dealing with highly visible front teeth. The dental technician can adjust individual details like colour, surface texture and other aspects, to best mimic your original dental substance.

As well as the main advantage of full ceramic – the ability to match the original form and colour of your natural teeth – there are other outstanding benefits. Concerning stability and durability, results are in no way inferior to restoration using metal ceramic. Ceramic is also completely biocompatible, combining well with living tissue, and does not trigger allergies. It has plaque-resistant qualities, and does not lead to chronic inflammation of the gum line, which can be the case with metal alloy. Other dangers that are avoided by using fully ceramic material are electro-chemical reactions with other metal in the oral cavity, and the notorious unsightly dark edge of a crown that so many patients are wary of.

In order to retain as much of the natural tooth substance as possible, a partial crown will be used instead of a full crown whenever possible at our practice. Thanks to a minimal preparation, aimed entirely at correcting the problem at hand, your natural dental substance will be retained and protected as much as possible.

Fully ceramic partial crowns, full crowns, and bridges are attached to your tooth, forming a completely stable unit. Using full ceramic allows us to create a solution to the highest aesthetic and functional standards for you.



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