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The central Munich dental clinic for the highest aesthetic standards and the perfect smile.

Together with our team, we warmly welcome you to our practice located between Gaertnerplatz and Viktualienmarkt. By taking you through our clinic, we’ll show you what makes us special, and exactly why you can be confident of being in the best hands with every visit.

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Dr. Daniela Strehlow

Zahnärztin München Praxis Ambiente

Dr. Niels Strehlow

Zahnarzt München Zentrum am Gärtnerplatz - Zahnklinik Innenstadt Altstadt - Zahnarzt Dr. med. dent. Niels Strehlow - Spezialist für Veeners Aligner Bleaching

Our treatment concept

In our dental clinic at the heart of Munich between Gaertnerplatz and Viktualienmarkt, we offer optimum care and precision in a stress-free environment, for public health patients and the privately insured alike. We aim not only to treat and maintain your dental health, but also to fulfill your cosmetic wishes to help you achieve your ideal dental appearance. We’re passionate about the natural attractiveness of beautiful teeth, and it’s part of our mission to share that with you. With a focus on problem prevention and natural solutions, our treatment encompasses aesthetics and dental function, veneers, Invisalign, fully ceramic tooth replacement, root canal therapies and dental implants.

What we stand for

As specialists in aesthetic dentistry, caring for your smile is our highest priority. Together with our team, we will dedicate our time and expertise to fulfilling your every wish. We want you to feel completely secure in receiving the optimum care and attention. For us, every single patient is an individual with his or her own desires and needs: our priority is a dedicated partnership with our patients. Besides our excellent quality standards, we’ve also ensured that your visit will take place in a caring, stress-free ambience where you can feel completely relaxed and comfortable.
We want to offer you the security of full confidence in us right from the start, and a complete trust in our sensitive and individualized treatment.

Our philosophy

Laughter is the most defining expression of joy, and is thus an essential aspect of human life.
Beautiful teeth give laughter a particular quality – and so an attractive, natural smile is surely one of the crucial elements of general wellbeing and happiness. And that’s exactly where we come in.

Our service

We dedicate ourselves every day to offering you excellent service in all aspects of your treatment.

Why not get to know us?

Ramona Schenk is ready and waiting to take your call on +49(0) 89 268415, or else you can use our online booking service.

Before-after treatment showcases

We would be happy to make you smile again

Our goal:
Your dental health in combination with aesthetics and function

Have a look at our latest treatment results from our practice

Visit before-after smile gallery
Zahnarzt-Muenchen-Zentrum-zwischen-Gaertnerplatz-und-Viktualienmarkt-Vorschau-Vorher-Nachher-Smile-Galerie-1 Zahnarzt-Muenchen-Zentrum-zwischen-Gaertnerplatz-und-Viktualienmarkt-Vorschau-Vorher-Nachher-Smile-Galerie-2 Zahnarzt-Muenchen-Zentrum-zwischen-Gaertnerplatz-und-Viktualienmarkt-Vorschau-Vorher-Nachher-Smile-Galerie-3
Before-after treatment showcases

We would be happy to make you smile again

Our goal:
Your dental health in combination with aesthetics and function

Have a look at our latest treatment results from our practice

Zahnärztin Strehlow München nahe Gärtnerplatz - Zahnbehandlungen Vorher - Nachher
Visit before-after smile gallery

“Laughter is the most beautiful language in the world!”

Zahnärztin Strehlow nahe Gärtnerplatz - Vollkeramischer Zahnersatz

All-ceramic dentures

Biocompatibility and esthetics - all-ceramic are more than just dentures. Shape, color, and function can be perfectly reconstructed.

Zahnärztin Strehlow nahe Gärtnerplatz - Veneers


Veneers are wafer-thin ceramic coverings/overlays, for tooth-friendly correction of shape, color, and function - for the perfect smile.

Zahnärztin Strehlow nahe Gärtnerplatz - Professionelle Zahnreinigung

Professional teeth cleaning

Prevention is better than aftercare. Our practice stands for prevention, and we work with you to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Zahnärztin Strehlow nahe Gärtnerplatz - Invisalign


Are you bothered by the position of your teeth and would like a discreet correction without having to wear visible braces?

Zahnärztin Strehlow nahe Gärtnerplatz - Funktionsdiagnostik CMD

Functional diagnostics

Teeth grinding, temporomandibular joint disorders, migraine, tinnitus - we handle the balance between teeth, temporomandibular joint, musculature and musculoskeletal system in a holistic way.

Zahnärztin Strehlow nahe Gärtnerplatz - Paradontitisbehandlung

Periodontitis treatment

Do you notice bleeding gums, receding gums and possibly bad breath? We would gladly counsel you on the causes and treatment alternatives.

Zahnärztin Strehlow nahe Gärtnerplatz - Implantologie


Do you lack the courage to leave a gap in your teeth? You can get implants as a perfect replacement for lost teeth - fixed and close to the natural original.

Zahnärztin Strehlow nahe Gärtnerplatz -Füllungen und Inlays

Fillings and inlays

In our practice, we only use highly aesthetic, tooth-colored and biocompatible materials for a long-lasting treatment success.

Zahnärztin Strehlow nahe Gärtnerplatz - Bleaching


Do you want a radiant smile? We can help you achieve naturally white teeth - carefully and long-lasting.

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