Give yourself something to smile about – veneers as a perfect aesthetic solution, here at our specialized practice for cosmetic dentistry.

Ceramic veneers offer us the chance to create your very own perfect smile. Through this minimally invasive method we can correct issues of colour, form, position and last but not least function. The word veneer means layer, or coating: it’s an extremely thin ceramic shell that is bonded onto the visible surface of the tooth.

Ceramic veneer work is highly skilled, and requires an appropriately advanced training. We work exclusively with a high-level laboratory as well as a dental technician specialized in veneers, whois also involved in the on-site treatment planning: everything in order to achieve the most natural, perfect results.

  • Correcting dental discolouration that is not treatable by a regular teeth whitening
  • Correcting positional issues like twisting and over-crowding
  • Correcting misaligned teeth
  • Correcting dental form problems (too short, too long, too narrow, too wide)
  • Filling gaps
  • Repairing broken or worn teeth
  • Removing enamel defects or stains
  • Restoring cosmetic appearance in cases of larger fillings in the front teeth
  • Correcting an uneven or crooked smile
  • Correcting a ‘gummy smile’
  • Repositioning the jaw and rehabilitating canine guidance

For you as the patient, it’s important to know, and above all see, what aesthetic improvements are possible for you with a veneer.

After a thorough examination of your smile – with particular focus on the position, colour and form of your teeth; the flow of your smile line; your bite; and all functional conditions – we then produce an individualized treatment plan based on the results. At this point, before the treatment starts, we also offer you the chance to actually see the end result: either in your own mouth or using a model. This way you can make your decision in full confidence before the treatment commences.

It’s also important at this stage that all the aesthetic aspects are included in the planning of your smile. The harmony between teeth and gums, the so-called red-white aesthetics, plays a decisive role in achieving the perfect result.

It’s essential that the dentist plans the desired result in detail with the patient, before a veneer treatment begins: this is the basis of a correct approach with minimal removal of tooth substance (only where necessary).Depending on the extent of the correction to position, form, colour and function, the relevant teeth will be reduced by 0.3 – 1.0mm in preparation for the application of the veneer. Next a provisional veneer, that already reflects the final version, is attached. From this point on, any changes that you desire can be applied to the provisional version, until you are completely happy with the result. Only then does the dental technician get the precise details from us, so that your final ceramic veneer can be engineered to the highest standards of naturalness in the laboratory.

The veneer will then be checked one final time in your mouth for fit and cosmetic effect. If you are also happy with the form and the colour, the veneer will then be bonded to your natural tooth using specialized technology.

In most cases only a minimal removal of tooth substance is necessary for a veneer application, so that the preparation is normally limited to the outer layer of the tooth substance: the enamel. An incredibly strong, stable bonding can be achieved between ceramic and this enamel layer. This means that even extremely thin veneers have a very high stability after their application, and therefore their durability is also long. On average they last 10-15 years and even much longer, given good dental hygiene and regular professional cleaning.



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