For a smile that radiates beauty – professional teeth whitening at the dental practice at Reichenbachplatz.

More and more people desire a radiant smile with shining, naturally white teeth: a desire that we’re glad to help you achieve. We utilize the very latest technologies, under strict dental supervision, for a perfect result that is also healthy and completely harmless to the teeth and gums.

The main culprits are drinks, food and other substances that ‘colour’ the teeth:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Red wine
  • Cigarettes and other tobaccos
  • Certain medicines

This can lead to a build-up of colour pigment in the enamel and dentine. Another aspect is the fact that most people only have naturally white teeth in their younger years. With advancing age, teeth start to change towards a yellowish or brownish colour. This effect happens due to the outer layer of enamel being worn down, revealing the yellow of the underlying dentine.

However, teeth that have died (non-vital teeth) also often take on a grey, brown or even black colour, significantly affecting the dental appearance.

Regardless of the cause, discoloration cannot be removed with even the most rigorous dental cleaning: this is because it does not come from outside, but rather emerges from within the structure of the tooth.

Before the start of every whitening treatment, a thorough dental assessment is carried out to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy. Next, surface deposits are removed with a cosmetic tooth cleaning, so that the whitening gel can be used to greatest effect. The gel application is repeated several times, depending on the desired result, and activated with a special LED lamp. During this process, the blue LED light generates no heat, so that all the underlying structures, as well as the teeth themselves, are protected. The wavelength of the LED light supports the whitening effect of the gel, strengthening the stain removal process, and immediately resulting in a newly beautiful, sparkling smile.

The normal duration of a whitening treatment with us is around 60-90 minutes.

In contrast to freely available home products, we as professional dental practitioners are authorized to use whitening products containing a significantly higher hydrogen peroxide concentration. We are therefore able to achieve outstanding results, with various shade options, in just one treatment session.

Photos are taken of your smile prior to and following the treatment in order to let you see the striking ‘before and after’ effect.

A ‘home whitening’ treatment using an individualized mouth tray is also possible with us. This takes effect over several days, using a lower concentration gel: so the final result demands a lot more time and patience than the clinic-based treatment option.

Healthy, clean teeth are important for the optimal whitening effect. A professional dental cleaning should be carried out 4 weeks or less prior to your treatment beginning.

It’s important to bear in mind that the whitening effect is only visible on natural teeth: the colour of fillings and crowns is not lightened in the treatment process. If such dental work has been carried out in between the visible natural teeth, we will of course advise you fully on the available options.

Normally the treatment is painless; however in rare cases a slight sensitivity can be felt. Any sensitivity that occurs after the treatment is temporary, and will disappear completely after a few days. In order to reduce such sensitivity, and to encourage the remineralisation of the enamel, we apply a colourless fluoride lacquer to the teeth after every treatment.

Numerous studies have shown that if a teeth-whitening treatment is carried out in the correct manner, in a professional dental practice, damage to the teeth, such as surface abrasion or weakening of the dental substance, can effectively be ruled out.

In order to achieve and maintain optimal results, food and drink that can stain the teeth should be avoided for the first 48 hours after your treatment: things like tea, coffee, red wine, fruit and fruit juices, as well as tobacco/nicotine products (e.g. cigarettes).

The duration of teeth whitening results depend on the individual habits of the patient. With effective dental hygiene at home, as well as regular professional cleaning, results can last from 1-3 years. In heavy smokers, or regular drinkers of coffee, tea or red wine, results can be reduced in duration; a repeat treatment, without any damage or harm, is of course always possible.



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