Invisalign – the invisible braces

You want to have beautiful, even teeth? Perhaps a crooked tooth or gap is bothering you? But you want to avoid a conventional set of metal braces or wiring in favour of a more discreet solution?

With Invisalign, we offer a highly aesthetic solution to positional problems and missing teeth, comfortably and unobtrusively.

Invisalign gently shifts the teeth using removable orthodontic braces. The braces are virtually invisible thanks to being made out of see-through material, and represent an ideal dental correction solution, especially for adults and patients with high aesthetic demands. In addition, the treatment can be carried out in only a few practice appointments.

After compiling the necessary pre-treatment records in our practice at Reichenbachplatz (models of upper and lower jaw – x-ray images – photos), you will receive a 3D animation of the movement of your teeth, as well as information on the duration and aims of the treatment, so that you can already get an idea of the final result, before the process begins.

If you decide to go ahead with the treatment after the simulation phase, the invisible braces (aligners) are custom made for you. These are designed to be used in succession, so you’ll get a new aligner every week: the process allows gentle, virtually unnoticeable movements of the teeth in only a few months. Week by week the teeth are slowly moved into the final planned position. The aligner must be worn for 22 hours each day, and only taken out for eating and sleeping. Sometimes it is necessary to slightly reduce individual contact points with teeth or apply discreet tooth-coloured attachments temporarily to the teeth in order to achieve a leverage effect. In this way, tooth movement results are brought about that are not possible with other types of removable orthodontic brace.

There can be a slight feeling of tension or pressure during the treatment. This pressure is completely normal, is relieved after a few days, and shows that the desired movement of the teeth is taking place.

Depending on the extent of the intended correction, the number of required braces varies – and this means treatment can take anything between 6 and 18 months.

In order to maintain the treatment effects in the long term, it’s necessary to incorporate a set of fixed or removable retainers at the end of the process.

Invisalign allows the cosmetic fine-tuning of your smile, without any restrictions to your daily life. The treatment can either lead to a cosmetic final result on its own, or else serve as a preparation for further treatment forms such as veneers, crowns or implants, by achieving an ideal position of the teeth in advance.

  • Predictable results thanks to advance virtual 3D planning
  • Custom-made transparent braces worn 22 hours per day
  • Weekly replacement of braces to encourage constant but gentle movements of the teeth
  • High level of comfort, with no sharp metal rails that can make dental hygiene difficult to maintain
  • No restrictions to daily life due to removable and transparent braces



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